Stefano Corso


I am a professional photographer living and working between Rome and Berlin, and I am the founder of the studio Camera 42.


I served as the curator of the blog "Fermo Immagine" on the Italian news television (RAI) website ( and as the Photographers' Coordinator of the Italian Theatre Festival Inscena in New York.


I have been invited as a speaker for various Italian shows, particularly as a street photographer, including Photoshow (Milan and Rome), Fotografica 2012 (Milan), and the Festival della Fotografia di Pesaro in 2013.


One of my notable works, "Red Rain," is globally distributed as an artistic poster by Image Conscious in California, which has sold more than one hundred thousand copies worldwide since 2012.


My visual exploration focuses on the concept of human loneliness, scattered and lost amidst urban chaos. Despite this, my perspective always carries a certain surreal, dreamlike quality, harmoniously complemented by the irony embedded in the titles of the photographs. The selected images underscore the sensation of confined vital spaces, where individuals appear as wandering, lost, and solitary shadows.


My works have frequently served as cover art for publications both in Italy and internationally. I received an Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards (IPA) for "Surprise!" and "Mala Strana" in 2007 and "Generations" in 2009.



In 2010, my photograph "Surprise!" was recognized as Picture of the Year by FWA – Favourite Website Awards. I have curated several personal and collective exhibitions in Rome, including the latest one in Berlin during the European Month of Photography 2014 at the Italian Cultural Institute.


The exhibition, titled "Berlin Heute: die Zukunft der Metropolis", was a visual exploration seeking to uncover in present-day Berlin what was envisioned in Fritz Lang's film, Metropolis.


Currently, my artistic pursuits include historical photographic research, interior photography, street photography, reportage, and teaching photography through workshops and seminars.


In 2022, I authored the novel "Who is Cufter?" which narrates a quest through an old photographic archive from the 1900s, delving into the reconstruction of the life of its author.I am also engaged as an Airbnb Luxury Photographer, capturing the essence of spaces for Airbnb.


I have been serving as a consultant for legal and copyright issues pertaining to photography.


Since 2021, I have been the president of the Ri-scatti association, which promotes social projects related to photography in support of groups of people facing social, economic, or health vulnerabilities.



  • Official photographer for the "Forgotten Project 2018".
  • Photography teacher for the Ri-scatti Project "Da Zero" for 13 teenagers from Amatrice's earthquake zones. The final exhibition was held in the "PAC" in Milan, Italy. (March, 2018).
  • Several exhibitions for the project "We Will Forget Soon" held between Germany and Italy from 2014 till 2018.
  • Exhibition “Berlin Today: the future of Metropolis” in the 6th European Month of Photography  Berlin (14/10-14/11/2014)
  • Photographer at the “Cité de la Musique” in Parigi for the concert Dufourt-Ronchetti with the Ensemble Intercontemporain (November, 8th 2013)
  • Coordinating the photographers for InScena NY ’13 – Italian Theatre Festival in New York (2013 and 2016)
  • Invited by the Pesaro Photo Festival 2013 for a “meet the author” (May 2013)
  • Agreement with Image Conscious for the exclusive distribution as Wall Art  of the pictures “Fragments of Water” and “Mala Strana” (2013)
  • Workshop on “Street Photography” at Canon Fotografica 2012 – Milan (November 2012)
  • Photographic Set for Renault in the Museum of Contemporary Art – Rome (September 2012)
  • Exhibition “Heute Berlin – The Future of Metropolis” in Forte San Gallo – Nettuno (November 11st-16th, 2012)
  • Workshop on “Street Photography” at Photoshow 2012 – Rome (April 2012)
  • Photographer for “3e32 Naufragio di Terra” by Lucia Ronchetti – Basilica di S. Maria di Collemaggio, L’Aquila – April, 28th 2012
  • Photographer for “Sei Personaggi in cerca di autore” by Lucia Ronchetti – Auditorium Rai Turin,  February, 3rd 2012
  • Member of the Jury, with president Paolo Pellegrin, of the Photograhic Competition for Charity  “Acqua/Water” (April 2011)
  • Photographer for RAI Italian Television Orchestra at the Berlin Philarmonic (November 2011)
  • Official Photographer in the Rome Auditorium for the concert “Lezioni di Tenebra” by the composer Lucia Ronchetti, March, 6-7-8  2011
  • The photo “Surprise!” is chosen as  Photo of the Year 2009 by FWA – Favourite Website Awards
  • Photographer for Salini Costruttori Spa for the new Metro B1 line of Rome (2009-2010)
  • The Photo “Generations” received an Honorable Mention at IPA International Photography Awards – Lucie Awards 2009
  • The Photos “Surprise!” e “Mala Strana” received an Honorable Mention at IPA International Photography Awards – Lucie Awards 2007


  • Novel "Chi è Cufter?" - Stefano Corso - Ed. Castelvecchi (2022)
  • Book "We Will Forget Soon" - Stefano Corso e Dario Jacopo Laganà (2014)
  • Article about me on the italian Magazine Fotografare (April 2016)
  • Interview on the Italian Magazine Image Mag (Jan-Feb 2014)
  • Article about me on the Chinese Magazine Photo World (November 2012)
  • Interview on Italian CQ Magazine (November 14, 2012)
  • My portfolio published on the Magazine Camerapixo – issue n.22
  • Interview for the  Magazine Photo Professional (Italian Edition, n. 30 – May 2012)
  • Cover picture of the book “Luna de Casino” by Peter Blauner (Es Pop Ediciones – Spain 2012)
  • Interview for the Turkish Magazine  Fotoritim (May 2012)
  • Interview for the Canon Italia Weekly Magazine as Professional Photographer of the Week
  • Article about me on the Portoguese Magazine  DP Arte Fotografica (n.32 – 03/2011)
  • Portrait of Andrea Camilleri on the book “Un Inverno Italiano” (2009), on the book “Di Testa Nostra” (2010) and "Come la penso" (2013), ed. Chiarelettere
  • Reportage “Iwo Jima Chronicles” published on Vanity Fair (12-2010)
  • The Picture “Generational Fights” was selected for the publication on the photographic book  “1x –  In pursuit of the Sublime”   – (November 2010)
  • Cover Image on the Magazine L’Archeo Thema (n. 5 -11/12 2009)
  • Image on the Italian Magazine Airone (giugno 2009)
  • Cover Image on the book  “L’Infiltrato” by Tommaso Capolicchio (Ed.  Kowalski,  2009)
  • Article about me on the Swiss Newspaper  SonnetagsZeitung on  April, 13rd  2008
  • Cover Image on the Toni Sepeda‘s Book “Mit Brunetti durch Venedig“, (Ed. Diogenes – Zurich, December 2008)
  • Photographic work with pictures of Rome for the book “La mia cucina ebraico-romanesca” (Logartpress, 2007) by Bruna Tedeschi
  • Picture on the Magazine Max (German Edition), 2005

Camera 42

Camera 42

In 2016, I founded Camera 42 Studio.

At the core of Camera 42, there is a group of photographers with a passion for visual arts. Professionalism and passion are the foundation of our work.

Camera 42 is located in a 100-square-meter facility in the center of Rome, near Via Veneto, equipped with a complete photographic studio, display room, and classrooms. It is a space where individuals can share their expertise in various photographic fields, emphasizing the practical application of theory and techniques to achieve exceptional results.

Camera 42
Via Piemonte 32, 00187 – Roma 

Some of my clients

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